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The Importance of FAMILY in Our Program

This week's Blog is a change of pace with Varsity Defensive Coordinator, Coach Sam Bernardi reflecting on the importance of family, the bonds formed and sacrifices made by players..
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The Power of Reflection Going Into the Post-Season

I guess the older I get, the more time, or maybe the more I would say thought it takes on reflection. All right, here's something I've experienced. Again, maybe as a health teacher, maybe just as a ...
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What Viking Football Means to Members of Our Community

As regular season play comes to a close, the Valpo Football community takes a moment to reflect on what this team means to them. From the dedicated fans to the passionate players, Valpo Football has ...
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Why We Sport Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Despite covering such a heavy topic, Coach Marshall was able to bring some joy to some of the most important women in the lives of our student-athletes. Read on to find out how....
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Burn the Boats; There's No Turning Back!

Coming off of a tough week, Coach Marshall delivers some inspirational words to get the team focused & energized for this weeks battle against Merrillville.
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The Power of Mindset & Controlling Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Our discussion today is about self-fulfilling prophecies and how mindset has ultimate power in determining outcomes. Here's what was said at the Week 6 Team Meal.
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Do You Know Who Your Biggest Rival Actually Is?

As we rack up against Chesterton on Friday, Coach Marshall has some wisdom and a great inspirational video that he dropped on the crew before the team meal. Enjoy...
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What Patriot Night Means To Our Valpo Vikings Community

This blog post is adapted from a speech that Coach Marshall gave to our players before Patriot Night. We hope that you enjoy the read! Patriot Night is one of my favorite evenings each and every ...
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Week 1 - Summer ends and more fun begins!

As I am sure all families have realized in the Valpo Football program, there is a lot crammed into the short eight weeks of summer. As a recap we successfully had all of our twelve contact days, we ...
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