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What Viking Football Means to Members of Our Community

As regular season play comes to a close, the Valpo Football community takes a moment to reflect on what this team means to them. From the dedicated fans to the passionate players, Valpo Football has become more than just a sport. It is a symbol of unity and pride for our Viking community. 

Here's what you all said!

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Coach Bill Marshall

coach-marshall-portage-game-2023 (1)"No family is perfect nor does Viking Football Claim to be.  Despite our differences at times we are united. Time and distance can't diminish the brotherhood."

"We are protective of our Family. We are a tough and resilient group that has proven again and again the strength is not in one, but in numbers."

 "We are representative of our amazing country, a group of diverse individuals that when brought together under a common goal/belief... we can accomplish amazing things!"

Players Past & Present

"Valpo Football is a hardworking, successful environment that I can call home." - Sammy

"Viking Football means everything to me, and has made me a better person." - Tommy

Sammy & Tommy Ampeliotis

Class of 2024 & 2025 | Valparaiso Vikings

Valpo Football is one big lesson.  It teaches you how to be committed to something beyond yourself.

Travis Davis

Class of 2024 | Valparaiso Vikings

Winning and Success! I take pride in being a Viking!

Tyler VerSchure

Class of 2024 | Valparaiso Vikings

Valpo Football was my entire life for 13 years and I loved every second of it.  Not just the sport, but the family as well.

Rocco Micciche

Class of 2023 | Valparaiso Vikings

"Valpo Football to  me means being your brother's keeper and having the constant pursuit for greatness.  Not only bettering yourself personally, but also the people surrounding you on the team."

Pete Crossin

Class of 2023 | Valparaiso Vikings

Davis-senior-sq (1)
Rocco Micciche #38 (1)
Pete Crossin #6 (1)

Parents and the Community

Valarie Davis

davis-family-senior-night"For us Viking football is more than just a team, they are Family. Its that village you always hear about. In celebration, in disappointment, in injury and in championship wins...Vikings are there for each other. They are tough, determined, and resolute on that field. Off the field they are exemplary young adults.  I attribute this to the parents and the coaching staff.  Showing up and doing what needs to be done, walking the walk, and talking the talk... true role models. A Viking is a powerful compliment"

Josh Rykard

"Viking Football means community and friendships.  Values and life skills for my son, and wonderful memories."

burdasSandi Burda

"Viking Football has taught our boys about grit, determination and how not to be afraid to stand up for themselves."

Gabi Grisafi - Valpo Cheer

"Cheering for Valpo football allowed me to come together with my community and support my school every Friday Night"

Peter Anderson

"Viking Football means Family! The relationships the my player has forged, and we as parents have developed, have increased our quality of life.  I wouldn't trade it for anything"

Angie Crossin

"Vikinghood is solidarity and a forever thing you will never walk away from -- Once a Viking, Always a Viking"

Debbie Deu

"From the time they start, whether it be at 5 years old 'til the time they are 17/18... If you play Valpo Football... you are part of that family.  Defend your Family!! We are Valpo!!"


Carolyn Boxum - Valpo Vikettes

"Viking football is performing for my community with my best friends"

Amy & Doug Johnson

"We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the support, guidance and encouragement that Viking football has consistently provided to our son.  The impact has extended beyond the immediate, influencing his dreams and ambitions for the future." -Amy

"Viking Football; nothing better on Friday night and especially Thanksgiving weekend." - Doug

Kate Ampeliotis

"Viking football is family.  I've had the honor of sitting in the stands with some of the best people I know. I've loved every moment spent supporting our kids, both on and off the field.  Thank you football families for the incredible community of support that has surrounded us that past few years.  Its been a privilege to watch the Vikings success  Against All Odds --> Stay Hungry!"

The VerSchure Family

"There's a lot of Pride in being a Viking & a high level of excellence is expected.  The Viking brotherhood is created by working together to achieve this excellence.  With Coach Marshall leading the family atmosphere it extends through to his staff, to the players and their families.  We are truly lucky to be Vikings and to have made so many friendships with other families.  We take Pride in being a Viking 💚"

Taylor Walker

"Viking Football teaches our kids how to win while being humble and more importantly, how to lose and get back up. Being a part of this Viking Community is an honor. Go Vikes! 🏈"

Elizabeth Laughery

"What being a Viking that graduated in 1999 means to me â¤ï¸ We are so proud of the fact that we are a tight community and we’re even prouder of these boys."

Dennis Cahill

"Somewhere along the way, Vikings Football became more than just football.  After having two boys go through the program and participation as a parent, it was as privilege to have our family blessed with such an excellent group of leaders and parents.  What we learned was that we not only have a gifted group of coaches and kids, but an amazing community that cares.  Kids, Coaches, & Community.  Viking Family Forever!!!"

The excitement and anticipation that fills the air on game day is unmatched, bringing friends, families, and alumni together to cheer on our team. Valpo Football represents determination, perseverance, and the unwavering spirit of our community. Whether we win or lose, [MOSTLY WIN] the bond that is formed through our love for this team will always remain strong.

Let's Go Valpo!

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